Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Free Images

Joan at Craft in Italia has very kindly given permission for us to use some gorgeous vintage photos,
I have copied them to use as and when, and I thank you in advance Gabrielle for your generosity. It's always lovely to find new images to use. Here is one of the images, pop over to her blog and see her lovely work for yourselves, and find these images.


Kristen Hermanny said...

Cute. I should upload some of my photos and some of my DHs cards for people to use. His mother saved EVERY card he ever received from Baby Shower to 5th birthday. There are Easter, Birthday, Valentine, Christmas, Halloween. He was born in 1943, so I think that someone could definately have fun with these images.
Also there is a link on my blog for penny postcards. If you haven't seen it. There are postcards from the penny postcard era (100 plus years ago) for ever state and city in the U.S.A. It's pretty neat.
Happy Friday, Ed. Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!

Wendy said...

Hi Ed
you asked about Red Friday, I think it is all over the country, don't think it is official but members of the public who want to show their support of our soldiers are doing this.
I think a few solders family came up with this idea to show support for our men and boys. it is being passed by word of moth and emails etc.
I have had three emails from different friends over the last week, so i thought i would put it on my blog.
I think it is a nice idea, it would be good if the press took it onboard and promoted the idea