Sunday, 13 June 2010

Rainy days mean Summer is here at last .

First I must say thank you to Lyn - thanks for the nudge sweetheart, I have let too much time lapse between posts and I appreciate your emails xx Secondly, what have I been up to, well, we've been on holiday, over to Southern Ireland again, I have been doing a lot of baking - at our time of life when we should be cutting down on everything - you know, less activity etc .....but you see, because of my pain I can't exercise much so all gentle exercise helps enormously, and a lump of bread dough is a wonderful way to exercise my shoulders and upper arms gently - that's what I have been doing, baking pies, bread, cakes - all fattening, lard on the thighs inducing but lubberly goodies heehee ..

I have also, for a change, been making cards - I had some more goodies from the lovely Sue (link on the left) so I have been using them for all my 'soldiers' cards and I made these three 'specials' for my aunt, so I thought I would share them.
Finally, thank you to everyone who has left a message, I will get round to all your blogs over the next few days, promise..