Monday, 2 January 2012


Hello everyone,
I am so sorry I have neglected my blog this last year, and I do thank you all for your patience and for calling in on me when you can. Hubby is now fully recovered as is Alex the woofer so this year is going to be 100% positive and I am back to making as many cards as I can for my armed forces lads and lasses ..

Incidentally, I had a light bulb idea these last few days for using up left over Christmas Pudding or stale cake -- crumble it - and mix with melted chocolate - I used half a large bar. Set aside in the fridge until it is very hard but can still be moulded and then make lots of tiny balls of the mix, dip it once more into melted chocolate and place on non-stick parchment to set. Put it back in the fridge to set really hard and then put the little balls into tiny paper cases and voila - home made truffles - and very tasty ones too - try it ladies :-) xx