Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Just accepted another blog award, so thank you Deborah,Cards and Things for this. Also - and this is being really greedy (and incredibly lucky) I have been awarded another Javablu Award from Julie over at SBS24, so I shall post that one next week. I am posting my new one now. You copy and paste the I luv Your Blog logo, and put it on your blog, and you name 7 blogs you love to visit, giving links to their blogs and leaving a comment on theirs.

1. Sue at Sue's Art Stuff because I love her and her blog and because we go way back before Blogland.

2.Patty from Magpie's Nest because even though I just found her blog, I love it!

3.Edna at Another Side of the Moon cuz it's a scrapbook of me and my soul journal and prose I like etc ...

4.Heather from Creative Solace, because I love her ideas...

5.Nancy from Crazy Stampin Women because I love her crazy blog, and I'm stampin crazy as well ..

6.Sandie from Sandie's Sanctuary cuz I just love her work .

Mixed Media Monday - Harmony

The Mixed Media Monday challenge this week is Harmony, and I thought I would give it try for the first time, simply because a small image I had stamped had fallen onto a scrap of gold lace
and I thought Oooo, so I backed it with a small piece of gold woven matting, pinned the lace down with a large gold brad and voila, my Harmony challenge is complete ....

Monday, 29 September 2008

Free vintage photo's

Just a quick note to say thank you to Patty
down at Magpie's Nest for some lovely FREE photos we can download. I have only very recently discovered this blog, it's lovely....

Gothic Arch

We have an open category at Gothic Arches
so I tried to use my imagination - I used an arch peel-off, a tiny Imagina Fairy stamp, an Imagina corner stamp and some pretty little flowers ......hope they all look good together!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Small World of Inchies and Twinchies

There have been some lovely challenges these last couple of weeks, and for various reasons I couldn't take part in many of them, but after seeing all my bonsai tree leaves falling and turning brown, and my miniature ivy leaves turning red, I couldn't resist this challenge. The picture is a Crafty Individuals acetate photo, backed with plain white card, and the tiny leaves are real ones, gathered just now from my garden. This is my twinchie, hope you like it, pop over to the Inchie and Twinchie blog, it's full of amazing tiny images.Here's the Link

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Artistic Stamper Blog Candy giveaway..

Just a note to tell you to visit The Artistic Stamperfor a chance to win some lovely blog candy !! All you have to do is visit the blog, leave a comment and put a link on your own blog.

Theme Thursday - Numbers.

Theme Thursday challenge this week is Numbers, and as I had just the stamp (a lovely freebie from Paper Artsy) I thought I would take part. I used a luggage label, a piece of my very favourite Laura Ashley backing paper, my Paper Artsy stamp and Lucille by Impression Obsession. Inks were Ruby Satin and Gold ColourBox and I finished of with a tiny butterfly embellishment.

Chrissy D. Belli Challenge 35/Cupcake Birthday card

A lovely friend gave me a selection of metal edged tags a short while ago, so I chose two for this challenge, it's turned into a cupcake birthday card. if you would like to participate in this fun challenge Here's the Link

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wednesday Stamper - Pattern.

I wondered how I could use my new background stamp which is a grid-like pattern - think it looks ok backing Rose ...she also has a stamped green lace finishing touch !! Sorry about the photo, I had to use my camera cuz my scanner is sick !!

Gothic Arches - Favourite Film..

My favourite scary movie was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I used stamped images given to me by a friend, embellished with lots of red pen and ink :-) Ooo I am very tempted to make another comment, but I won't !!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Floral Card ..

This was to have been my first challenge card for SBS24, made with Docrafts paper, Papermania flowers and brad and stamped text. Hope it's ok. !!

Edit note: Since I made a BIG booboo by reading the instructions incorrectly, or not understanding them at all, I have changed the title of this post for my OWN satisfaction. Ed. xx

My Mannequin - work in progress ...

After a chat with my friend Sue I took a couple of photo's to show my work in progress. I am using two Decopatch sheets of tissue with gorgeous patterns, and hopefully doing my mannequin, another Decopatch product, justice. Any thoughts of how to finish her off would be most welcome ........

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Anna Banana challenge

I am killing two birds with one stone here, I wanted to enter Anna's challenge, and wanted to make a card for a friends birthday, I used a Crafty Individuals Love Letters photo, these are printed onto acetate, so I backed it with a square of gold card, I used Joanna Sheen's Roses backing paper, and a piece of Far East Mat Stack
card. The base card has lovely embossed flowers on it that don't pick up well on the scan, and finally I edged everything with a gold pen, and finished off with a piece of matching ribbon and a bow....

Saturday, 20 September 2008

I've been Tagged !!

Well, this is a first for me - had to look up what to do, think I will tag some of my new blogging sisters, that way we will all learn a little about each other :-)plus of course, a couple of new blog friends ..

Here are the rules:

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Sally tagged me so here's my answers for those interested enough to read this bit of info......

1. Over the last 18 months, I have made more than 1,000 cards for charity concerns, local and in Scotland, Kent and Spain (mainly animal, children and cancer charities)

2. I love bananas - and I love Branston pickle TOGETHER on a sandwich (well it is a fruit chutney.

3. I am a nature nut (thankfully so is hubby) we have wild bird feeding stations and plants for bees and ladybirds and butterflies all over our postage stamp of a garden.

4. I HATE admitting defeat and would rather turn something round if at all possible.

5. I also HATE throwing things away - food or craft stuff, would rather find a way to use them or recycle them if at all possible .

6. I really, really, really HATE bad manners and rudeness of any description, be it queue jumpers or just nasty people, a smile uses less muscles than a frown and a simple 'Thank You' costs nothing.

7. I wear my heart on my sleeve, get hurt easily and worry about people and stuff that shouldn't really concern me .

***** ***** *****

Right, this next bit is going to take some thinking about, so I will post what I have for now and come back in a short while ...(if anyone smells anything awful, it's my brain working overtime trying to think !!)

Right now for a drum roll dahdahdahdahdahdah~~~~~~~

http://createwithstevie.blogspot.com/ Stevie
http://suesartstuff.blogspot.com/ Sue
http://www.annabananacreations.blogspot.com/ Anna
http://adreamseyeview.blogspot.com/ Lynn
http://stamp2day.blogspot.com/ Wendy
http://juliescraftycorner.blogspot.com/ Julie
http://afrogladycreation.blogspot.com/ Karyn

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Challenge Cards ..

Since I am a crafter, and I don't waste anything - I have been making cards with all the elements I use for my challenges - here are three cards wmade with two of my moos and an ATC (don't normally use ATC's for cards, but I thought of the blue floral background and wanted to experiment - think it works too !!

TMTA - Handwriting ..

I love the theme this week over on TMTA I have used a couple of word stamps and a bit of my own writing.

Monday, 15 September 2008

SBS24 -- My New Sisters !!

I have just joined the new group of the SBS, welcome ladies, if you come and visit my blog, you can read all about me, warts and all, on my profile page. Please feel free to scroll round and see what I have been up to and leave me a comment or two - I will visit you all in turn over the next few days....and leave a comment for you!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Gothic Arches challenge - Time

Gothic Arches challenge this week is Time. their new website is brilliant, have a look round it. My entry is a bit different this week - stamped of course, but possibly a few more elements than normal..
hope you like it.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Dans ma Maison il y a ...un chat

Here is my house with a cat ...and another ...and another lol ...
I used a cuttlebug embossing folder for my house and picked out the details with red chalk, I stamped and embellished my little pussy cats, and cut out my big cat in sparkly card, giving her a lovely gold necklace and a gold crown, fit for a princess !! Click on the link down the left hand side of my blog to go to Dans ma Maison blog ......

Friday, 12 September 2008

Make a Moo or Two - Cities of Europe ..

Used two Inkadinkadoo stamps for these moos, black Stazon and some gorgeous card that doesn't scan very well - it's blue/green patterned ....hope you like them ...
My cities are London and Paris ..

Wednesday Stamper - Put your Thinking Cap on ..

Oh the peace and quiet of a golf course - the neeeed to concentrate - sshhhh!!!
I used a Personal Impressions stamp, black Stazon and some gorgeous blue/green card that unfortunately doesn't show up very well in the scan ..

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Magic Moment

Whilst I was feeding the birds today, this little greenfinch came and settled on my hand - luckily hubby was close by and ran for a camera to capture the moment .....what a joy - how priviledged I felt !!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Javablu for Me - Woohoo

My friend Sue gave me this Award last night, and I have to choose five people to pass it on to - which will be quite difficult because I visit so many nice blogs and have so many nice people v isit mine - shall mull it over and come back later ....

Sorry I am having to leave loads of lovely people out, including lovely Sue who gave me the award in the first place !!

The first one is for Lyn, love her work..

The second is for Sandy, because she is so encouraging ..

The third is for Wil, love her stuff too ....

The fourth is for Patricia, because her blog was one of the first to really inspire me ..

The fifth is for Hermine, because she, too, does lovely work ...

The sixth is for Judy because I think her work is lovely, and because I can't count ........

and because I am superstitious - I am adding ONE FOR LUCK!! for all the lovely people who visit my blog, I am sure no-one will mind if you too have an award.
luv you all and thanks for visiting, Ed xxx

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My Craft Space

These next photos are of my tiny spare bedroom which is my bit of Heaven - my solitude, my Keep Away From Me When I'm In Here room - and believe it or not - my table is 6ft x 3ft and I normally have around one foot square to craft in - unl;ess I spread out to the dining room table - I also know where 99% of my stuff is........
The last photo will soon become a work in progress - I am about to embark on a major alteration project ...

TMTA - Dancing

I found a Stampsmith stamp out for this week's challenge over at
TMTA - and thought, for a change I would go dramatic and use royal blue and silver inks.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

I'm a member of:

View my page on Gothic Arches

Small World of Inchies - Celestial

Not really sure of this challenge yet, it's a first for me, the stamp is a lovely old one that I use such a lot, and the inks I used were two or three out of a ColorBox Queue......

Friday, 5 September 2008

Dans ma Maison il y a...un ecolier

This little collage has buttons, bows, glitz and stamping...and two little schoolgirls !! Since I posted my photo, I have added some fibres to the button on the right hand side - it looks much better !! May do another photo tomorrow ....
for now - it's bedtime for me.
Here is the second photo - scanned at last !! So now you have a before and after.

Make a Moo or Two - Pumpkins ..

This lovely challenge inspired me to make some moos - but all I could find was a small border stamp with cornucopia and tiny pumpkins, so this is what I used, with a daisy and hand drawn pumpkin. I mounted my moos on a lovely spotty picture frame stamped in Cosmic Copper Brilliance.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wednesday Stamper - Transparent Art

This is my 'take on Transparent Art. I stamped my Paper Artsy Movie Star on Acetate,
decorated under the words with a flower border, both stamped with Stazon, used Mica
Magic black ink, which comes out as a lovely shiny charcoal grey for the Rubbadubbadoo word stamp and the globe, and stamped the steamer with Stazon. Finished off with my favourite chalks for a blush of background colour. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


This is a bit out of my comfort zone - I used all sorts to put these ATC's together, including alcohol inks, distress inks and chalks plus a few rubber stamps ......