Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Another Award WooHoooo !!!

Hope this month is the start of a brilliant year for me and mine, and you and yours too, whoever is reading this little post. I have been given another lovely award by my SBS sister Stevie over at ..Create with Stevie..

I have to nominate at least 7 others, and unlike my previous award, which had no 'must do's ' and where I was lazy and awarded it to everyone simply because I love everyone, this time I have thought long and hard about it, as is normal in this life, you can't choose everyone, so here goes for my 7 nominees ....

6.Sandie R


Sandie R said...

I'm honoured Ed. Thank you and I will deal with this little award on the weekend when I'm not working (this is my Wed. Thurs. week)not as much time to play.

kc_froglady said...

he he you are going to be the award queen! Congrats!

Ginger said...

You little sweetie thank you my dear friend for the award .How blessed iam to have such wonderful friend.Thank you so very much!

Judy said...

Many thanks, Ed, now I will have to go away and think about the 7 creative bloggers who deserve this magnificent award!

Wendy said...

ll done ED, you deserve it

Sue said...

I have a mask on as requested - lol. Thank you honey xx