Sunday, 16 November 2008

New Award

A couple of days ago I was awarded a new blog award by the lovely Christina, and the simple rules are:
you state 6 things you value, 6 things you don't and 6 new people to nominate ..
whew - well, thank you Christina, I am really pleased here goes.. I am not putting the usual things down, because you have all seen them before and I think everyone has profound and spiritual beliefs..I tried to look beyond the obvious ..

1. I value the love and companionship of my husband.
2. I value the trust my dog has in me.
3. I value the fact that I am still able to help others.
4. I value my friends (the ones I could call at 3.00am and ask for help!)
5. I value each new day.
6. I value everything in nature, because there is always something wonderful to
see or listen to..

1. I do not like the lack of values in lots of other people
2. Or their lack of respect for their country or their elders..
3. Or their lack of regard for our planet Earth, without which none of us would
be here!!
4. Or any kind of rudeness, intolerance or lack of basic good manners.
5. I hate queue jumpers of any kind, and for any reason!!
6. and finally - what really gets up my nose are the people, and there are many,
who, no matter what happens, always knew it would !!!

Now for my 6 nominations - these are blogs where I spend time enjoying what I am seeing and reading about..

1.Beverley at How Sweet the Sound
2.Heather at Creative Solace.

3.Theresa at StampingCritique.
4.. Sally at One Dragon's Dream
5. Marie at Ozstuff Online.
6.Nancy at CrazyStampinWomen.


Sally said...

Thanks for the award, I will now have a think as to the 6 most deverved things I value. Great list you came up with, agree with them all - there is so much to be grateful for and so many who disregard the small things!

Thanks for your friendship, it is such a great thing when we can reach out and meet such wonderful people, share our passions,rant and rave! and get to know each other. ;)

Sally x

Christina said...

Your list was great Ed so well put! I am glad you are happy with the award!

Ozstuff said...

Thanks so much for the award! I so enjoyed reading your list. I guess we are always striving for the bigger and better things that we think life offers but the answer is in the simple things we take for granted. Your thoughtfulness is most appreciated.

Heather Robinson said...

Oh how sweet are you, Ed! Congratulations on winning this award is so deserved....and thank you for passing it along to me. It is a delight to get to know you and to visit your blog.

Beverly said...

I posted the awards and tags you shared with me today. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Chrissy D said...

You are so worthy Ed! Congratulations on the award!