Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Well, here goes !!

This is going to be for cards and ATC's and arty crafty thingys - not into altering things too much, but that isn't to say I won't have a go from time to time. What I really want to do is share a lot of cards from a defunkt craft group with everyone and hopefully add a lot more, plus some ATC's of course ........well, I just planted the acorn - here's hoping I have the makings of a reasonable sized oak by the end of the year -- and the time to keep it all going !!!
This lovely boy is my inspiration for love and patience, if I ever get depressed enough to think I can't do anything I go back to when we rescued him and think to myself that if he can overcome what life threw at him, then so can I. !!!


Sue said...

I can see this as becoming quite a new thing for us - lol. Welcome aboard

Sue said...

Well, well, well, we have been busy - just love the new intro